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Timing is Everything

Unsuccessful breedings result more often from improper timing than any other cause. Proper timing using frozen or fresh-chilled semen is even more essential than during natural matings or AI with a fresh ejaculate. Since more breeders are investigating these options, a full understanding of the fertility cycle is required.

The outward signs of heat and breeding time, such as flagging and vaginal smears, are primarily controlled by changes in the hormone estrogen. Unfortunately, these changes are only an approximating of ovulation and can vary by more than a week. Many breeders can testify to the bitch that eagerly accepts a male as early as day 4 and as late as day 22. A much more precise measure is the LH (luteinizing hormone) surge which actually triggers ovulation. Ovulation occurs 2 days after the LH surge. The ovacytes then require an additional 2-3 days to mature, and will live for about 48-72 hours. Thus, the fertile period of the bitch falls between 4-7 days following the LH peak, with the most fertile period of the bitch falls between 4-7 days following the LH peak, with the most fertile days being on days 5 and 6 post-LH peak.

Progesterone assay (a blood test conducted by your vet which works similar to the home-pregnancy test kits) allows you to identify the occurrence of the LH surge. Before the LH surge, progesterone will remain low, progesterone levels will begin to rise, changing from a baseline of 0-1 ng/ml into a range of 1.5-2.0 ng/ml. Progesterone will then continue to rise as the cycle progresses, and remain elevated for 2-3 months in non-pregnant as well as pregnant bitches.

Ovulation timing focuses on using changes in progesterone levels to identify the LH peak in conjunction with vaginal smears. At least one test should be run during the first 5 days of the cycle, during proestrus, to determine the bitch's baseline level. If your vet is experienced in interpreting vaginal smears, you may want to use vaginal cytology as a guideline for continued progesterone testing. Once the slides show 50% to 60% cornification, run progesterone levels every other day.

If the bitch has had trouble conceiving previously, begin testing even earlier and continue testing every other day until you are certain of the progesterone rise indicating the LH peak.

The day that progesterone begins to rise is the day of the LH peak, and is counted as Day 0. The fertile period spans days 4 to 7 post-LH peak, with the most fertile days beings days 5 and 6 post-LH peak. ICG believes that this method of identification of the LH peak is very accurate. By properly planned breedings or inseminations, you will optimize the probability of success.

if you have a natural breeding planned, the fresh semen of a normal healthy stud dog often lives up to 5 or more days in the bitch. Therefore, a breeding occurring a day or two before the fertile period will usually provide viable semen at the time of peak fertility.

If you plan a fresh chilled semen AI, fresh chilled semen will usually live for 2-4 days, post collection -- one day of this time is used in shipping. The reduced survival time of the sperm requires the breeding to be conducted closer to the short fertile period of the bitch. ICG recommends that two inseminations, using separate ejaculates, be conducted 48 hours apart between days 3-6 post LH peak.

Frozen semen survives less than 24 hours once it is thawed, so timing is even more critical than with fresh chilled semen. It is important that the period of peak fertility is covered. Therefore, progesterone levels should be checked daily, so that the accuracy of prediction of the LH peak is within 24 hours. Frozen semen breeding should be conducted on day 5 or 6 post-LH peak using surgical insemination by a veterinarian who specializes in reproduction.

Progesterone levels slowly decrease during the last third of pregnancy to a plateau of 4-16 ng/ml which is maintained for 1-2 weeks. A further abrupt drop occurs 12-24 hours prior to whelping, usually to a value of less than 2 ng/ml. If daily progesterone testing is begun 2-3 days prior to the estimated whelping date, this abrupt drop can help pinpoint the onset of labour.

For further information, contact International Canine Genetics at their toll-free number - 1-800-248-8099. The staff are extremely helpful. ICG can supply your vet with information, test kits, fresh-chilled collection kits, frozen semen collection and insemination information and much more.

Success doesn't always go to the head -- sometimes it goes to the mouth!

1995/96 BCC Executive

President: Eve Whitmore
Vice President: Paul Dulong
Treasurer: Norm Walker
Recording Secretary: Alma Hasler
Corresponding Secretary: Bernice Langley
Show Chairperson: Verena Jaeger
Membership: Mary Dulong
Discipline: Gord Graffman
Publicity: Sharon Simpson
Trophy Chairperson: Shirley Bell
Obedience: Debbie Carbonneau
Program: Lillian Wainwright

Regional Directors:

Ontario - Shirley Bell
Maritimes - Warren Hood
Quebec - Helene St. Hilaire
Prairies - Sharon Simpson
BC - Cora Verhulst

Why not let your name stand for election to the 1996/97 Executive?

Upcoming Specialties & Boosters

April 27 - May 1, 1996
American Boxer Club Specialty
Holiday Inn (Francis Scott Key), Frederick, Maryland
Bitches - Bonnie Linnel Clarke
Dogs & Intersex - Joe Heine
Futurity - Al Lee, Sr

June 2, 1996

Boxer Club of Canada Specialty
Holiday Inn, Burlington, ON
Judge - Duana Young
Sweeps - Margaret Krey

June 22, 1996

Dogwood Boxer Club Specialty
Cloverdale, BC
Judge - Bruce Voran
Sweepstakes - Judy Voran

June 23, 1996

Boxer Club of Canada Regional Specialty
Judge - Jack Ireland
Sweeps - Sharon Simpson

July 6, 1996

Boxer Club of Western Ontario Booster
Woodstock, ON
Judge - James Bennett

July 7, 1996

Boxer Club of Western Ontario Specialty
Woodstock, ON
Judge - R. William Taylor
Sweeps - Joan Johnson

July 14, 1996

Alberta Boxer Club Specialty
Calgary, Alberta
Judge - Donna Cole
Sweeps - Cora Verhulst

July 15, 1996

Western Canada Boxer Club Specialty
Calgary, Alberta
Judge - Neil Graves

July 15, 1996

Boxer Booster
Calgary, Alberta
Boxer Booster
Judge - Robert Verhulst

September 21, 1996

Northern Ontario Boxer Club Specialty
Sudbury, Ontario
Judge - Sue Ellen Rempel
Sweeps - Lynne Beilhartz

September 22, 1996

Boxer Club of Canada Regional Specialty
(hosted by Northern Ontario Boxer Club)
Sudbury, Ontario
Judge - Donna Cole

October 3 - 6, 1996

ABC Regional Specialty
Chicago, Illinois
Ramada Inn (formerly Holiday Inn Chicago South/Harvey)

Boxer Publications

BOXER REVIEW published 10 times a year
8760 Appian Way
Los Angeles, CA 90046
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1 year -- $45
2 years -- $60

published 3 times a year
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3 years - $80

published annually
by the South Western Boxer Club
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$10 - available from Sheila Bowman or Shirley Bell at the ABC

Welcome New Members

Deborah Garland
Sherri Davis
Write to:

Mary Dulong
Membership Chairman
678 MacLaren Drive
Burlington, Ontario
L7N 2Z2
for membership application forms or more information

Health, Herbal & Holistics

How to Have a Healthier Dog - Wendell Belfield, DVM

Dr. Pitcairn's Natural Guide to Health for Dogs and Cats - Richard Pitcairn, DVM

The Holistic Guide for Health Dogs - NEW - Kerry Brown, DVM & Wendy Volhard

The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog & Cat - Juliette de Bairacli Levy

Out & About

Plans are well underway for the BCC national specialty to be held at the Holiday Inn in Burlington, Ontario on Sunday, June 2, 1996. The awards dinner & much-anticipated annual auction will be held on Saturday evening -- tickets are $25, see Mary Dulong for information. Last year's specialty was well attended with beautiful sunny weather -- and a great potluck luncheon between sweepstakes and breed judging.

Thanks to Lee Muirhead for identifying the record holder for the most champions produced by a boxer bitch -- Verwood's Lollipop holds the honour with 12 Canadian champions to her credit! Lee also corrected the information published regarding "Sassy" -- she counts 9 Canadian champions out of 16 puppies and a Philippine champion -- the youngest imported boxer to hold two championship titles! Ch. Dauntae's Cameo is now working towards her Grand Philippine championship -- by working towards an additional 25 points from the specials class. also in the brag bag this month -- Ch. Dauntae's Pendant of Sunar completed her championship -- gaining 3 Best Puppy in Show wins along the way!

Bracara Boxers had lots of news to contribute this month -- Irene Waddell reports that husband, Len, is recuperating nicely following 4 bypass surgeries. And partner, Isabel Levers retired from her 32 year career at the end of January.

Gerri Ganske reports that Ch. Rasilon's Camelot Odyssey is the proud sire of 3 males and 1 female, all brindle. The litter arrived January 30th and the dam is Ch. Rasilon's Madison Avenue.

Congratulations to Barry Green's Lynbary's Pretty Boy Floyd (Ch. Turo's Kristian Dior x Cachet's Garnet of Turo) on picking up 2 majors recently and winning Best of Breed along the way.

The Dogwood Boxer Club is inviting boxer lovers to contribute to the trophy fund for their specialties being held June 22 & 23. Donations can be mailed to Lee Muirhead, 5040 Ayum Rd., Sooke BC VOS 1N0. Dogwood is also planning their 1996 Boxer Picnic for May 5th -- call (604) 271-3926 for more details.

Anne McDougall of Chieftain Boxers has a new litter sired by her Tex son, Chieftain's Cool Canadian, out of her English import, Sugarwood's Leading Lady at Rupik, 3 males, 1 female, all fawn.

If anyone is interested in placing an ad in the 1996 ABC catalog or in ordering a marked catalog, contact Pat Mullen (813)855-3877 -- deadline is March 29, 1996.

Peter Lariviere was curious to know if other boxer fanciers compete in brace competition -- he was the proud recipient of Best Brace in Show with a father/son duo at the Moncton shows last August.

If you haven't already forwarded information regarding your 1995 championship & obedience titles, and Sires & Dam of Merit applications, you're late!! Send your 1995 data to Shirley Bell, RR2, Hwy 17E, Corbeil, ON POH 1KO. Send the Sire & Dam of Merit information to Mrs. Maurette Walker, 7720 - 6 Kennedy Rd., Suite 800, Markham, ON L3R 0N4. Hurry!!!

Plans are underway for BCC's annual Puppy Match at Verena Jaeger's home on Sunday, July 21st -- watch newsletter for more details!

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