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Recommended Books on Boxers

The Boxer - John P. Wagner

The Boxer by Dr. Dan M. Gordon
My Life with Boxers - Friederun Stockman The Boxer - Elizabeth Somerfield
All About the Boxer - John F Gordon Judging the Boxer - Eno Myer
The Complete Boxer - Howell Books Boxers - Ivor Ward - Davies
The New Boxer - Billie McFadden Boxer Blarney - Marion Fairbrother & Peggy Thomson
The Boxer - Family Favourite - Stephanie Abraham The Complete Boxer - Tim Hutchings
This is the Boxer - Stanley U Volpe The Boxer - Anna K Nicholas
The Boxer Blueprint by Daniel A. Buchwald & Jean M. Buchwald DVM The Book of the Boxer by J Bearley & Anna K Nicholas
World of the Boxer by Rick Tomita American Boxer Blub 50th Anniversary Album
You may find the books listed here on E-bay, Amazon, Barnes and Noble or The Bookshelf . Some of the older books may be found at larger Dog Shows in your area.

Recommended Dog Books

The Joy of Breeding Your Own Show Dog - Ann Seranne Handling Your Own Dog - Martha Covington Thorne
How to Breed Dogs - Leon Whitney CKC Book of Dogs
Dogs and How to Breed Them - Hilary Harmer Forsyth Guide to Successful Dog Showing - R & J Forsyth
Genetics of the Dog - Marca Burns & Margaret N. Fraser Take Them Round Please - Tom Horner
Practical Genetics for Dog Breeders - Malcolm B. Willis Nicholas Guide to Dog Judging - Anna K Nicholas
Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook - Delbert Carlson DVM and James Giffin DVM The Art and Science of Judging Dogs - Curtis and Thelma Brown

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