1. Holter tapes can not be re-used.
  2. The tape used should be Normal Bias audio tape with 60 minutes duration.
  3. If you own a Rozinn recorder, you may be able to obtain 4 holter recordings with one 9 volt battery, if you are careful enough to remove the battery from the recorder immediately at the end of each study.
  4. Do not use VETWRAP or similar to bandage the unit. It will slip!!!
  5. To bandage the unit to the dog use surgical bandage, I recommend Expandover 3" wide. It is an elastic bandage, so be careful not get it too tight.
  6. The materials needed are:

6.1- 9 volt battery

6.2- 60 minute audio tape

6.3- white adhesive bandage tape 1" and 2" wide

6.4- Expandover surgical tape 3" wide

6.5- Sticky electrodes (5)

6.6- alcohol to scrub skin before placing electrode.

6.7- Holter activity log sheet


A videotape teaching how to place the monitor is available through Dr. Wendy Wallner at The tape is very good and costs only $25 U.S.

  1. Remember to include with each tape the following:
  2. AKC or CKC number and pedigree
  3. Holter activity log sheet
  4. Fill out all the information pertaining to the dog. Always provide sex, DOB, and any family history if available.

Send the tapes to

Beltway Veterinary Cardiology

11660 Annapolis Rd.

Glenn Dale MD 20769


The cost for analysis is $60/tape (Canadian funds).

Checks should be payable to Luis Braz-Ruivo and should be written in Canadian funds.

If you have any difficulties or need some help please call me at 1-301-809-8800


Thank you


Luis Braz-Ruivo, DVM, DVSc, Dip ACVIM (Cardiology)

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