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Dog Breeding from the stud dog owner's point of view

Here are some helpful hints for those breeders who are in the process of choosing a stud dog for their breeding program:

Plan your choice of stud dog in advance

Do your homework in advance and have a stud dog chosen before Susie comes in season. Discuss your breeding program with the stud dog owner and request any information that you may require to help you make your decision, ie. stud fee, shipping information, pictures, pedigree, references

Always have Plan A and Plan B

It may be that when Susie comes in season, you may not be able to breed to your first choice stud dog. This could happen because of weather, or the stud dog may not be available if he is breeding another bitch or if the owners are away. So have a back-up plan in place, particularly if it is important that you breed your bitch at that particular season.

Do what you say you will do

Stud dog owners realize that not everyone who contacts them will actually breed to their dog. But once you have made the call to say that your bitch is in season, follow through on your arrangements, or have the courtesy to call and explain why you can't complete the breeding.

Understand the terms of the stud contract

Know what you are paying for. In most cases stud dog owners will provide a return service under certain conditions at the bitch's next season. But you are paying for a breeding, not a guarantee of puppies. And once your bitch has been bred, the stud dog owner's obligation to you is completed. The provision of a return service is a courtesy. Once the return service has been provided, the contract has been fulfilled, puppies or no puppies. Some owners will work with you to provide another breeding, or perhaps you to substitute another bitch -- but they are not obligated to do this - so be nice.

Do your part

Watch your bitch carefully so you know exactly when she came in season. Take advantage of the ovulation timing tests which are available (including the new OptiMate urine test kit from ICG). This will provide you with additional information to breed your bitch at the optimum time, resulting in more puppies and less misses. Contact the stud dog owner on the first day of colour, reserving time for the breeding -- this also allows you some advance warning for a change in plans if he is not available.

Be flexible

Both the owner of the bitch and the owner of the stud dog have lives outside of their hobbies. Many live some distance from the airports where bitches are shipped to. Work schedules, family commitments, holidays, dog show weekends may get in the way of your plans. Work together with the stud dog owner for shipping arrangements. And if it doesn't work out this time, go to plan B or try again next time.

Keep in Touch

After the breeding, notify the stud dog owner if your bitch is in whelp. Call when the puppies arrive and send pictures as they develop. If some of the puppies are for sale to show homes, let the stud dog owner know so they can refer potential purchasers to you. Have any of the puppies finished their championship? gained obedience titles? or just plan turned out wonderful? Let the stud dog owner know.


Talk to the owner of the stud dog, not the public at large. Whether the problem is puppy health related, your dissatisfaction or disappointment with the resulting litter, the way the breeding was handled, or whatever -- you owe the owner of the stud dog the courtesy of a phone call or letter since they may not be aware of the problem. You may be pleasantly surprised with their solution to your problem.

New Arrivals

Chris & Mary Marko are proud to announce a new litter sire by Ch. Marko's Don't Mess with Texas. Proud Momma, Ch. Marko Sheera Princess of Power CDX is looking after 3 flashy puppies born on July 28th.

Lee & Brenda Muirhead are excited about their newest litter of four flashy brindle girls which arrived June 20th -- Ch. Doll Announce's Veni Vidi Vici is the sire and Ch. Dauntae's Cassandra of Mephisto is the dam. Lee was busy that week with the Dogwood Boxer Specialty and BCC Regional Specialty and Monika & Walter Pinsker helped him out by whelping the litter on the mainland!

Judy Grandmount & Bob Krychuk are excited about their new October arrivals -- 3 males & 3 bitches sire by Ch. Ajay's Ralph Lauren x Ch. Packapunch's Laura Ashley.

Sharon & Ron Berry have a new litter of 9. Sire is Am. Ch. Bridgewood's BK Kahuna x Berlane's Just Causin Kaos -- 5 males, 4 females born October 12.

Monika & Walter Pinsker have new arrivals sire by Ch. Doll Announce's Veni Vidi Vici out of Mephisto's Moonstruck -- 2 females, 2 males.

Peter Lariviere has new arrivals -- 1 male, 3 females recently arrived out of Ch. CB's Swiss Miss of Thorncrest by Kingstet's Cassius Clay.


Dogwood Boxer Club Specialty -- June 22, 1996
Judge - Bruce Voran
Best of Breed: Ch. Mephisto's Guns N Roses
Best of Opposite & Veteran Bitch: Ch. Aphrodite of Olympus
Best of Winners/Winners Dog: Am. Ch. Sunar's Elmer Gantry
Winners Bitch: Dorado's A Walk in the Clouds
Best in Sweeps: Mephisto's Kavalier Gold

Boxer Club of Canada Regional Specialty -- June 23, 1996
Judge - Jack Ireland
Best of Breed: Ch. Ajay's In Your Dreams
Best of Opposite: Ch. Tarabran's Kelly of Turo
Best of Winners/Winners Bitch: Loriga's Gypsy Jewels
Winners Dog & Best in Sweeps: Mephisto's Kavalier Gold

Boxer Club of Western Ontario Specialty - July 7, 1996
Judge: J. R. William Taylor
Best of Breed: Ch. Jordanna's Silk N Sabotage
Best of Opposite: Ch. Rodlin's Abbie's Fancy Pants
Best of Winners/Winners bitch: Cainnhree's Starry Sky
Winners Dog: Kadenza's Mercedes Gull Wing
Best in Sweeps: Tanline's Starlit Night

Alberta Boxer Club Specialty -- July 14, 1996
Judge: J. Donna Cole
Best of Breed: Ch. Pengalli's Salute to the Legacy
Best of Opposite: Ch. Ajay's Tribute to Rubydawn
Best of Winners/Winners Bitch: Sprucelane Headline News
Winners Dog: Berlane's Special Moments

Northern Ontario Boxer Club Specialty -- September 21, 1996
Judge: J. Sue Ellyn Rempel
Best of Breed: Ch. Rodlin Abbie's Fancy Pants
Best of Opposite: Ch. Keil's Ring Leader
Best of Winners/Winners Bitch: Tanline's Starlit Night
Winners Dog: Trimanor's Triple Taboo
Best in Sweeps: Ch. Huffand's Harley D

Boxer Club of Canada Regional -- September 22, 1996
Judge: J. Donna Cole
Best of Breed: Ch. Rodlin Abbie's Fancy Pants
Best of Opposite: Ch. Huffand's Harley D
Best of Winners/Winners Bitch: Tanline's Starlit Night
Winners Dog: Trimanor's Triple Taboo

Dogwood Boxer Club Specialty
-- October 13, 1996
Judge: J. Flora Hewitt
Best of Breed, Winners Bitch: Tanoak's Schatz of Dream Heart
Best of Opposite Sex: Ch. Packapunch Pierre Cardin
Winners Dog: Tarabran's Black Tie Affair
Best in Sweeps: Ch. Tarabran's Katrina

Some People Exercise Their Jawbone More Than Their Backbone

Welcome New Members

Gloria Bracchetti
Uta Marshall
Kathleen Kerr
Sharon Chic
Lilas Fischer
Jim & Carol Parrott

Write to:

Mary Dulong
Membership Chairman
678 MacLaren Drive
Burlington, Ontario
L7N 2Z2

for membership application forms or more information

Out & About

Congratulations to Ch. Pengalli's Salute to the legacy, who recently completed her American championship. Owned by Maryjane & Grace Lewis, she is now an International Champion, having already earned her Canadian & Bermuda championships.
Interested in having a look at the dogs shown at the ABC specialty this year? Videotapes are available of the dog classes, bitch classes and Top 20 & Best of Breed competition by contacting A-N Productions, PO Box 2350, Malta, NY 12020 9or phone 518-885-1927). Yes, they do accept credit cards and the cost is $45 for one tape, or $35 each for two or more -- in US funds, of course!
Congratulations to Shadowdale's High Voltage who was the big winner at the Boxer Club of Canada puppy match held on Sunday, July 21st at Jaegerhouse Boxers. Sharon Campbell & Skipper walked away with High in Trial with a score of 195 -- there were almost more obedience entries this year than conformation!! John Marks officiated at the match and Alma Hasler judged obedience.
Dave & Patti Gilmour of Zaracon Boxers have made the big move to the country -- their new address is Box 76, 6 Federal Drive, White City, Sask, SOG 5B0. They also have a new Red Hot champion -- Ch. Zaracon's Red Hot Jazz, that is! Also on the move are Frank & Betty Rouse -- their new address is 1230 Glenashton Dr., Oakville, ON L6H 5L9.
The Boxer Club of Canada Annual Auction & Raffle earned almost $1000 this year and was donated to the American Boxer Club Charitable Trust Fund. All money donated to this fund goes towards research projects for boxer health problems. This fundraising effort is held every year at the BCC specialty and everyone who donates items and works behind the scenes to organize it are to be congratulated -- and let's not forget those who take out their wallets!!
Another American champion for sire, Ch. Turo's Kristian Dior -- residing in Hawaii, Ch. Lynbary's Ode to Cachet was bred by Barry Green. Barry boasts about Ch. Lynbary's Northern exposure who gained 3 Best Puppy in Show wins and is now out of the puppy classes and working towards her American title.
Those boxer fanciers who attended the Dogwood Specialty were treated to a fantastic salmon barbecue and potluck dinner following the show. A whopping $750 was raised through a silent auction -- with a big thank you going out to everyone who donated items. The Dogwood Boxer Club also holds an annual picnic -- with 54 dogs and their people taking part in group trail walks, agility demos and a "field day" complete with relay races & prizes.

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