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My apologies for the lateness of this issue and my thanks to those of you who actually missed it!

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What is cheyletiella and why should you care about it? Cheyletiella dermatitis is a mild, nonsuppurative mite-induced dermatitis produced by the Cheyletiella spp. living on the surface of the skin. In layman's terms this translates to a small mite which lives on our dog and is UGLY, having thick legs armed with a heavy claw and a comb-like appendage on the end of each foot with prominent "fish-gill" respiratory devices. It also affects rabbits and cats.

This mite transfers from animal to man, occurring by direct skin contact or through clothing. The most common site of transfer is arms and body -- typically occurring by picking up puppies or cuddling with your boxer on the couch or bed. Contact with the mite can cause a very irritating, extremely itchy rash, appearing in groups and eventually forming a small blister.

Symptoms to watch for on your dog include excessive dandruff and heavy accumulation of dry yellow-gray scales in all areas of the body. The mites are partially embedded in the skin and they are mobile, hence the nickname "running dandruff".

The rash is very slow to disappear, taking over three weeks, but it is itchiest in the early stages. The rash-bite forms can be found in area such as the waistband or bra-line and you'll know if you are sensitive to the little beasties, because you'll itch, itch, itch! Stock up on clear Caladryl (calamine) lotion because you're going to need it! Try not to itch (just like your mother said when you had chickenpox) and they'll go away faster. Wash you bedding, your clothes, your dog's bedding and get thee to thy vets for treatment. The most effective treatment at this time is Ivermectin (Ivomec). It appears to kill the mite but must be administered three times in intervals of 7-10 days (and can be given orally). This medication is very toxic and should only be given after consultation with your vet for dosage instructions. Be especially careful with young dogs and those who have exhibited allergy problems or have a history of sensitivity to other medications.

This mite can live off the dog for up to 3 days, hence the importance of multiple treatments to kill not only the mites living on the dog, but the newly hatched mites and their little friends. In the meantime scrub all of your dogs with a mild flea shampoo recommended for puppies and bath your puppies once a week starting a four weeks. No Ivomec for the youngsters until after 12 weeks.

The more dogs you have and the more contact you have with other dogs at dogs shows or training classes, the more likely you are to pick up this unwanted visitor. It loves puppies, and often this is when you first notice that "running dandruff" -- and lots of it -- has arrived on your premises. It seems to multiply quicker on young tender puppy skin and because you typically carry and cuddle puppies on a regular basis, the mite comes in contact with you and your family members more.

The mite does not affect all members of your family -- therefore many people will be unaware that their dogs have the mite, since they themselves are not sensitive to itchy bites. The rash has been misdiagnosed as fleabites, allergic reactions to dogs and spider bites.

If a puppy owner reports an allergic rash from his dog, it is always worthwhile to check for this little canine visitor. A simple scraping at the vet clinic will confirm his presence.

While cheyletiella can spread easily from animal to animal, it also can be eliminated from your premises easily with the proper treatment.

Upcoming Specialties & Boosters

June 1, 1997 - Burlington, Ontario
Boxer Club of Canada National Specialty
Judge: Cheryl Robbins
Sweeps: Keith Robbins

July 12, 1997 - Woodstock, Ontario
Boxer Club of Canada Booster
Judge: Dr. Harry Smith

July 13, 1997 - Woodstock, Ontario
Boxer Club of Western Ontario Specialty
Judge: Joan Frailey
Sweeps: Jim McGriskin

July 31, 1997 - Bracebridge, Ontario
Boxer Club of Canada Regional Specialty
Judge: John Connolly

August 1, 1997 - Bracebridge, Ontario
Northern Ontario Boxer Club Specialty
Judge - Des Kavanaugh

August 10, 1997 - Timmins, Ontario
Northern Ontario Boxer Club Booster
Judge - Warren Hood

September, 1997 Oakville, Ontario
Boxer Club of Canada Booster Judge: Don Davis

Welcome New Members

Shelley & Clint Donnally
Jennifer Dickson
Humberto Davalos
Sandra Beck

Write to:

Mary Dulong
Membership Chairman
678 MacLaren Drive
Burlington, Ontario
L7N 2Z2

for membership application forms or more information

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Out & About

My apologies for the lateness of this newsletter -- a combination of hectic time schedule and little news led to my procrastination. I've got to deal with this bad habit one of these days ....

Lorraine Valleau & Nancy Stantial delivered a litter of nine puppies, 7 females & 2 males late in November. The dam is Ch. Valstan's Clara and the sire is Am/Can Ch. Arriba N Huffand's Oh I Wish (owned by Dale Scale).

Be sure to check out the "Puddle of Puppies" cold cast bronze limited series of three Boxer puppies created by artist Tony Acevedo, available from the American Boxer Charitable Foundation which supports research into medical problems affecting Boxers. The price is $100US plus $15 for Canadian shipping & handling (Visa and MC accepted). Address is ABCF Inc., PO Box 300, Rockwood, MI 48173-0300 and FAX for credit card orders is (313)692-8991.

Are you planning to attend the BCC National Specialty on June 1st at the Holiday Inn in Burlington? don' miss out on the activities planned for Saturday -- A Historical Display commemorating BCC's 50th Anniversary is planned and if you are interested in participating or assisting with the display, please contact Ben deBoer before the end of April. As well, the ever famous dinner and auction will be held Saturday evening.

Also on Saturday evening, the BCC Annual General Meeting takes place and several motions have been made to change the BCC's constitution. One item deals with confidentiality surrounding disciplinary action taken against Boxer Club of Canada members and the second item concerns the implementation of the proposed Draft Code of Ethics. Both of these items will be voted on at the Annual General Meeting and are covered in the BCC March minutes.

And don't forget that the ABC national specialty is right around the corner -- May 5-9 in Frederick Maryland at the Holiday Inn FSK. Judges are John Connolly (Dogs & Intersex) and David Strachan (bitches) with Pat Edwards judging the Futurity. Obedience is also offered.

A correction in the Northern Ontario Boxer Club specialty results in the last newsletter. Helen Rose reports that her new champion, Celtic Rose's Irish Spirit took home the Best of Winners honors at the September show. Sorry for the error, Helen.

Congratulations to Am/Can Ch. Jordanna's Silk N Sabotage bred by Lynne Beilhartz and owned by Barb & Dutch Cotton on qualifying for ABC's Top 20 competition. And congratulations also goes out to Grand Philippine & Cdn Ch. Dauntae's Cameo who was awarded Top Boxer Bitch in the Philippines -- breeder Lee Muirhead is delighted!

A newcomer to Zephyr Boxers and a new champion undefeated from the junior puppy class in two weekends of showing -- meet Ch. Paris Fergaddie of Tiber, a delightful whippet puppy. Maddie also picked up two Puppy Groups, a Group 4 and a Best Puppy in Show along the way. Not bad for a spoiled housepet!

Rhoda Straby has been busy with two litters on the ground! The first arrived Jan. 25th --Ch. Kimlade Admiral Landing at Rubik CD x Ch. Tickitbou Angel in th' Outfield, 4 males & 2 females. The second litter was born March 20, Ch. Elharlen's Your Choice x Ch. Rupik Double Back, 2 males and 1 female.

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