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June 1996 Vol. 2 No. 2
Quarterly Publication of the Boxer Club of Canada Inc.

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Congratulations #1

#1 Boxer, #9 All Breed

Can/Am Ch. Mephisto's Guns N Roses
Monika Pinsker & Harry Jones

#1 Boxer in Obedience, #6 Working

Kemsey's Cassius Clay CDX
Karen Bourassa

Shipping Do's & Don'ts

Did you know that oversedation is the most frequent cause of animal deaths during airline transport? Although very few of the thousands of animals transported during the past five years have died while in transit -- investigations revealed that sedation was the number one cause, followed by environmental stress, especially in brachycephalic breeds. Least common were deaths caused by mishandling by the airlines.

Never sedate your boxer before shipping -- there is a danger caused by the effect of the sedation on animals under stress of transportation and at high altitudes plus an inclination to increase the dosage if the animal is in an excitable state prior to shipment, thus increasing the effect of the drug.

Veterinarians were notified recently that Acepromazine, a tranquilizer that is most commonly prescribed in veterinary medicine (and often used as a preanaesthetic agent) may cause a potentially serious arrythmia of the heart in Boxers. Adverse reactions include collapse, respiratory arrest and profound bradycardia (slow heart rate -- less than 60 beats per minute). The message suggested that Acepromazine not be used on Boxers because of a breed-related sensitivity. (P.S. Tell your vet!!)

Consider the weather conditions -- don't assume that because the airline accepts your boxer for shipment that the weather conditions are acceptable. My experience has been that airlines in Canada do not enforce the temperature restrictions strictly enough. Boxers can suffer complications during high heat and humidity -- add the stress and excitement of shipping and/or a delayed take-off, and you have a recipe for trouble. Check the forecast yourself, at the airport of departure and at each stop along the way.

Things to consider when shipping your boxer:

  • it may be inconvenient to arrive at the airport at 4:00 a.m., but it's much cooler, and your boxer may get better connections!
  • always use the most direct route and use the same airline all the way.
  • don't believe the air cargo agent -- check and doublecheck the information you receive and question anything that doesn't sound correct.
  • allow a minimum of two hours between connections and choose a connecting flight that has a back-up, ie. don't use the last flight of the day.
  • arrive at the airport a minimum of an hour ahead of time -- the airlines may require more lead-time -- and don't be late!! Most air cargo offices are in a different location from the airport -- ask directions.
  • always book directly with the departure air cargo office -- not the 1-800 number -- and book at least 24 hours in advance.
  • know what paperwork is required -- a health certificate from your vet may be required & if you're crossing a border, include a rabies vaccination certificate. Photocopy your certificates and tape them in an envelope on the crate, just in case the originals go missing.
  • mark the destination clearly on your dog's crate, along with your name and phone number & a destination phone number.
  • don't allow your dog to travel with a collar on -- attach one to the crate in an envelope.
  • don't use the plastic fasteners that come with crates -- they loosen during flight the same way they do under normal use -- use metal fasteners & tighten them at the airport.
  • be sure to include a water dish on the crate door -- freeze water in the dish the previous night and it will melt during the flight, providing spillproof water.
  • use a proper size crate -- don't ship in a smaller crate to save $$.
  • put absorbent blankets and/or newspaper in the crate and exercise your boxer just before leaving for the airport.
  • talk to someone who is familiar with shipping dogs in your area.
  • provide the air waybill number and the flight numbers and timing to the consignee.
Shipping can be a nerve-wracking experience, for both you and your dog, but using common sense can mean the difference between a safe arrival and a disaster!

Boxer Club of Canada Specialty Winners:

Best of Breed: Can/Am Pinepath's Night Watch
Best of Opposite Sex: Ch VanityFair Little Miss Magic
Winners Dog: Boxalot's Party Sequence
Winners Bitch & Best Puppy: Acadia's Mustang Sally
Reserve Winners Dog: Bellcrest Worth the Wait
Reserve Winners Bitch: Am Ch Huffand's Obladah of Arriba
Grand Sweeps: Heartacre's Escort in Black

Boxer Club of Canada Annual Award Winners

Top Best of Breed Boxer - The Haviland Trophy
Can/Am Ch Mephisto's Guns & Roses; Monika Pinsker

Top Best of Opposite - The Warlene Trophy
Ch Douceur's Akira of Emberlea; Dale Scale

Top Boxer at the Group Level - The Gayloard Trophy
Can/Am Ch Mephisto's Guns Roses; Monika Pinsker

Top Best in Show Boxer Puppy - The Glendora Trophy
Ch Dauntae's Pendant of Sunar; Lee & Brenda Muirhead

Top Boxer Sire - The ScherKhoun Trophy
Can/Am Ch Golden Haze Tuxedo; Sharon Simpson

Top Boxer Dam - The Glencotta Trophy
Ch Ajay's Chanel; Angela Smith

Top Boxer Brace
Packapunch Boxers; Judy Grandmont

Kennel Breeding Most Champions - The Donessle Trophy
Ajay's Boxers; John & Angela Smith

Top Canadian Bred Boxer - The Blueline Trophy
Can/Am Ch Mephisto's Guns & Roses; Monika Pinsker

Novice Obedience - The Jaegerhouse Trophy
Bylin's Travelling Whirlwind CD; L Ligouri & L. Capurso

Open Obedience - The Jaegerhouse Trophy
Ch Glencotta's Bounder CDX; Dara Murphy

Utility Obedience - The Jaegerhouse Trophy
No Winner for 1995

Boxer Champion in Obedience - The Royal Trophy
- obedience title & championship title earned in same year with highest scores
Novice - Ch Zaracon's Jazz Unlimited CD; D & D Avery

American Boxer Club Specialty Winners

Best of Breed - Am Ch. Turo's Futurian of Cachet
Best of Opposite Sex - Am Ch. Kiebla's Tradition of Turo
Winners Dog & Best of Winners - Hi-Tech Johnny J of Boxerton
Winners Bitch - Vihabra's Lollypop O-HerHeart
Grand Prize Futurity - C-Era's Dar's DejaVu
ABC Top 20 Winner - Can/Am Ch Sirrocco's Far More Fair

1995/96 BCC Executive

President: Eve Whitmore
Vice President: Shirley deBoer
Treasurer: Norm Walker
Recording Secretary: Alma Hasler
Corresponding Secretary: Bernice Langley
Show Chairperson: Verena Jaeger
Membership: Mary Dulong
Discipline: Gord Graffman
Publicity: Sharon Simpson
Trophy Chairperson: Shirley Bell
Obedience: Sharon Campbell
Program: Lillian Wainwright

Regional Directors:

Ontario - Shirley Bell
Maritimes - Warren Hood
Quebec - Helene St. Hilaire
Prairies - Sharon Simpson
BC - Cora Verhulst

Upcoming Specialties & Boosters

July 6, 1996
Boxer Club of Western Ontario Booster
Woodstock, ON
Judge - James Bennett

July 7, 1996
Boxer Club of Western Ontario Specialty
Woodstock, ON
Judge - R. William Taylor
Sweeps - Joan Johnson

July 14, 1996
Alberta Boxer Club Specialty
Calgary, Alberta
Judge - Donna Cole
Sweeps - Cora Verhulst

July 15, 1996
Western Canada Boxer Club Specialty
Calgary, Alberta
Judge - Neil Graves

July 15, 1996
Alberta Boxer Club Booster
Judge - Robert Verhulst

July 21, 1996
Boxer Club of Canada Puppy Match
Breed - John Mark
Obedience - Alma Hasler

September 21, 1996
Northern Ontario Boxer Club Specialty
Sudbury, Ontario
Judge - Sue Ellen Rempel
Sweeps - Lynne Beilhartz

September 22, 1996
Boxer Club of Canada Regional Specialty
(hosted by Northern Ontario Boxer Club)
Sudbury, Ontario
Judge - Donna Cole

October 3 - 6, 1996 Ramada Inn Chicago South
October 3 Tree Towns Boxer Club
Dogs & Breed - Patsy Connolly
Bitches - Bob Conrad
October 4 Central Indiana Boxer Club Specialty
Judge - Mrs. Jo Thomson
October 5 Midwest Boxer Club Specialty
Dogs & Breed - Klaus Anselm
Bitches - Dennis Morgan
October 6 American Boxer Club Regional Specialty
Judge - Willie Vicens
October 13, 1996 Selkirk, MB
Dogwood Boxer Club Specialty
Judge - Flora Hewitt
Sweeps - Jim McGriskin

Welcome New Members

J Guy Pepin
Uta Marshall
Kimberley Clark
Jenny & Michael Catton

Write to:

Mary Dulong
Membership Chairman
678 MacLaren Drive
Burlington, Ontario
L7N 2Z2

for membership application forms or more information

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Did you know that even though your kennel name is registered, it can still be used as part of a Boxer's registered name? The only usage which is protected by CKC is the first word in a registered name and the last word if it is preceded by of, von, vom, de, du, des, av.

This means that I can't call my dog Mephisto's Kumquat of Donessle. But I can call it Zephyr's Mephisto by Donessle!! Or Zephyr's Bellcrest at Aracrest!! And I don't need your permission!!

Why do we pay for a permanently registered kennel name? Ask CKC!!

Out & About

It was great to renew friendships again at the ABC Specialty in Frederick, Maryland and a good time was had by all at the BCC Annual Specialty as well! Judges for the 1997 specialties have been chosen -- Cheryl & Keith Robbins will judge the BCC specialty and Sharon Campbell is investigating the possibility of holding obedience in conjunction with the specialty - perhaps in '97??? ABC has chosen Pat Edwards to judge the Futurity plus John Connolly (Dogs & Intersex) and David Strachan (Bitches). Obedience will be offered as well. The confirmed dates for ABC are May 5-9, 1997 at the Holiday Inn FSK. Rooms have been going quickly, but there will be a shuttle service available from the Holiday Inn Express which is close by.

Newcomer to ABC, Dave Gilmour, held a Boxer T-shirt fashion show each day in Frederick. The"Uptown Alberta Girls", Josie O'Reilly and Karen Bourassa, enjoyed their first trip to ABC and are already making plans to return. They have each had such a great year in obedience -- Karen and her brindle male, Oggie, earned #1 Obedience Boxer in Canada (and #6 Working Dog). Karen has earned #1 three times, with two different dogs! Josie's new OTCh Starview's Kafka was #2 in obedience and earned his SHDX!!

We are pleased to hear that Frank Rouse has recuperated from his bypass surgery -- we missed seeing his smiling face at ABC this year.

Lots of Litter News

  • Verena Jaeger acted as midwife for the safe arrival Rick Perry's litter of 4 males and 2 females. Proud parents: Can/Am Ch. Jaegerhouse's Intrepid Razer and Ch Vanity Fair's Little Miss Magic.
  • Lynne Beilhartz is excited about her litter born May 2nd -- Ch. Jordanna's Angel She Ain't CD was bred to Ainsdale's Rising Sun and delivered 4 males & 1 female. And on May 5th Jordanna's Silk N Sugar whelped 4 females & 1 male, sired by Ch. Haviland's Royal Sable
  • Ch Zephyr's Made You Look was bred to Can/Am Ch. Golden Haze Tuxedo producing 1 male & 1 female.

  • Sharon Hodges is overflowing with puppies - Can/Am Ch. Minnetonka's Scandal was bred to Can/Am Ch Golden Haze Tuxedo and delivered 4 males & 5 females. Two weeks later, Ch. Minnetonka's On The Far Side (co-owned by Dave Lindhorst) whelped 1 male and 3 females sired by Bogey.

  • Judy Grandmont & Bob Krychuk have a new litter sired by Ch. Packapunch Pierre Cardin x Ch. Packapunch Masked Velvet - 3 males, 4 females

  • Approximately 10 years after his death, Ch. Mephisto's High Noon has achieved Sire of Merit status - through the marvel of science & frozen semen. Watch for puppies sired by Monika & Walter Pinsker's High Noon son, Ch. Doll Announces Veni Vidi Vici x Ch. Mephisto's Fatal Attraction, 3 males, 3 females.

On the show scene, Can/Bda Ch. Pengalli's Salute to the Legacy is going great guns towards her American championship - picking up two 4 point majors and needs only 4 points to finish! As well, she receive the Top Working Dog award in March at the Bermuda shows, picking up three Group wins and a Best in Show!

See you at the shows -- have a great summer

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