2013 Raffle for a hand carved weathervane

 supporting BCCI Fundraising , Boxer Rescue Canada & Boxer Rescue Ontario

The winner of the draw is: Barb MacLean

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The dog is 22 inches long and is individually hand carved.  The dog is shown in gait. The dog will be painted to resemble your dog – so, if you win, make sure you submit a good image for the wood carver to follow.  The weathervane comes in cropped or un-cropped & many breeds

See Michael Park's website for available breeds at http://www.mpwoodcarver.com/listproducts.php?id=WVANE)


The weathervane is valued at over $850.00 Canadian after US exchange, shipping and customs clearance are taken into account. The weathervane is equipped with a base that will allow you to stand it on your deck, in your garden etc. or with roof mounting hardware. 

Tickets / cards are 25.00 Canadian each.

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The draw will start immediately and will run until December 1, 2013.  If all tickets are sold earlier than December 1, 2013, the draw will be made earlier. Delivery is about three weeks from the time of order but cannot be controlled by the BCCI..


There will be a maximum of fifty two (52) tickets sold.  Rather than purchasing tickets, you pick your preferred card from a deck that will be set up on the BCCI website.  Payment will be made to the BCCI Treasurer (Paul Dulong) 


The Cards